5 Facts That Will Make You Go WOW

Join Us As We Take a Look at 5 Images That Will Make You Go WOW

The internet is jam-packed full of pictures and if current trends continue, there will be more than 700 billion more of them in just over a year from now. Most of them, however, is not worth your precious time, but some of them are definitely worth taking a look at. Join us as we take a look at 5 images that will make you go WOW.

Apple’s Earpods

apple earpods

Most earphones have 2 or at most 3 holes. The big one is for noise and the small one is for the microphone. Apple Earpods, on the other hand, look a whole lot different. Don’t judge too quick. Apple did not do this to save a few dollars on manufacturing. These extra holes actually reduce the pressure that builds up in running earphones. By letting fresh air in, and pressurized air out, these holes improve acoustics. WOW.

The USB Logo

usb logo

Easy to corrupt and one tug away from getting snapped into two. Most people actually take the USB for granted. But no one actually would even relate it to some really powerful god. Well, basically that’s where the logo actually came from. It is actually based on Poseidon’s Trident. But the trident has triangles on all the three prongs, unlike the USB having a circle, square and a triangle. The idea was to give a sense of universality.

Ketchup Containers 

ketchup cup

Well in this one you might think, what were the manufacturers thinking when making these. These containers are barely big enough to dip your fingers in. That’s mainly because you’ve been using them the wrong way. These little cups are actually industrial origami. Just grab the outer edge and pull apart the cup into the miniature plates they were meant to be. Just WOW

The Power Button

power button

Take a look at the power button on one of your electronic devices. You ever wondered why it looks like that? As long as it wasn’t some alien device, the symbol you saw was pretty much the exact same as on almost every electronic device. The symbol is actually a combination of the universal symbol for ON which is a line and the universal symbol of OFF which is a circle. These icons allowed various electronics manufacturers across the world to break the language barrier.

Pan Handle Holes

pan WOW

Even though you have read a lot but you might not exactly know the proper use of the holes at the end of the panhandle. No, they are not used for hanging the pans. Actually, the holes are the perfect size and shape to hold the end of the spoon when you’re not stirring with it. This keeps your kitchen top clean and tidy and makes after cooking cleaning a lot easier. Well, you can use them for handing them up too. WOW Right?

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