Which is better – TGV or Shinkansen ?

TGV or Shinkansen Trains

TGV or Shinkansen Trains. World’s rail transportation system has changed a lot in the recent decade, new high-speed trains, powerful locomotives, stable signaling system has attracted people to use rail transport. But there are several countries which are still way behind in these fantastic Rail Technologies.

Top dominating countries in these fields are Japan, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and China. We have seen Japanese’s bullet train, Spanish Train, France TGV/ SNCF, Italy’s Trenitalia and Chinese Harmony CRH380 A, all this trains technologies are prevalent and run at a speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour. We can see that all these technologies are very different.

They have different external and internal structure; they run on entirely different terrains. Let ’s compare two different technologies and tries to find out who is the best and why?. The two trains which I am going to compare is France TGV/SNCF and Japanese Shinkansen Bullet Train. Both are amazing inventions; they have power, speed, and stability.
Let’s check how they are different from one another.

TGV – Train à Grande Vitesse

TGV or Shinkansen

TGVs are meant for high speed and are one of the successful trains in some European countries. It is operated by SNCF which is French National Railway Corporation Company. Its develop freight and High-speed passenger trains for France and some other European Countries like Itlay, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany. These trains are capable of reaching a speed of 500kmph which makes them one of the fastest trains in the world.

Bullet Trains – Shinkansen

TGV or Shinkansen

On the other hand, we have Japanese Bullet Train or Shinkansen which is equally famous in Asia like TGV in Europe. Japan has some Railways Groups which operates Shinkansen trains on Different routes Japanese Bullet train has proven its High-speed capability, and now they are praised by other countries. This bullet trains can achieve a speed of 250 to 350 kilometer per hour.

Let’s see how they are different.


TGV or Shinkansen

The population is an essential aspect if we want to compare both of them, in Japan bullet trains or Shinkansen trains cover most of its routes in a densely populated area where there are several stops. Bullet trains have to change its speed continuously. While TGV Trains runs in an entirely different field if you look at the map, you can easily find out that France TGV is Connecting its Countryside areas to the capital and most of the places are less dense in compare to Japanese Shinkansen route. So here in TGV VS BULLET TRAIN France TGV dominates where because this train has fewer stops and more speed

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