Prepare to Visit Leh-Manali Via Railways

Leh Manali Railways is An Upcoming Mega Project of Indian Railways

Leh Manali Railways is an Upcoming Mega Project of Indian Railways. In this post, I have discussed some important aspects of upcoming Leh Manali railways route.

They start their trip from last corners of India and travel more than 1000 miles to complete the journey. Right now, Leh- Manali is only connected with road and that also not operational in Every season. From October to mid-April the Leh- Manali road remains closed due to heavy snowfall. In the mid-April when roads are opened tourist across India unite in this heaven on Earth. Some come here with their vehicles and some rent vehicles to continue the Leh –ladakh trip. No doubt that making Leh- Ladakh Trip on Bike or some other vehicles gives you colossal excitement and looks more Adventures but have you thought of a Rail journey to Ladakh? Maybe not because it seems almost impossible to lay tracks on this adverse habitat. Substantial Himalayan Mountains, Frozen Rivers, and Deep valleys make its difficult to put rails on this region. But Indian Railways has decided to prove impossible possible. Now Bilaspur-Manali-Leh line is not a Dream it will soon turn into reality if everything worked fine then praising Leh- Ladakh Landscape from the train window is not far for you.

The proposed lines are like-

Leh Manali Railways

Bilaspur to Bhunter which will cover 100 km of the length connecting Bilaspur, Ghaghas, Barmana, Sundarnagar, Mandi, Nagwain and Bhuntar.

Now next stretch is Bhuntar to Manali which is 110 km long, this line will connect Bhuntar, Kullu, Haripur, and Manali.

Next one is From Manali to Keylong which is 75 km long after that the railway line will move towards Sarchu from Keylong which will be 100 km long track. This will connect Keylong, Jispa, Zing-Zing Bar, and Sarchu.

There is a small stretch of 70 Km which will connect Sarchu to Tanglang la, and the last stretch will be of 90 km which will finally connect Tanglangla to Leh.

This route has planned in such a way as to minimize interference of Mountains and Rivers. The maximum length of Leh Manali railways is intended to lay beside the river or the Highway. Although Laying More than 500 km of tracks on Mountainous terrain will require making some big bridges and tunnels. You are going to witness some highest bridges and most massive tunnels on this line. After its construction, this line will obviously world Highest railway line removing China from the top place. The highest railway station will be somewhere at Tanglang la at the height of 5,359 meters. Till survey has been done and the report has been summated to planning commission and planning commission has recently approved the plan. Right now Land Acquisition part is under process and soon after the Land Acquisitions part Construction will begin and can take at least six years to complete the whole rail line. So there are some possibilities that we are going to plan a train journey to Leh in 2024.

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