Luxury Trains in India

Traveling in The Luxury Train in India

Traveling on a train is fun, on a train journey you meet several people, families and sometimes you may end up with finding a good friend who lasts forever. We all start our journey to reach somewhere, but the most exciting thing is, the middle part of our trip. The trip becomes even more exciting when we are Traveling on Luxury Trains or train with so many facilities.

In India, such types of luxurious trains do exist like MAHARAJA EXPRESS, PALACE ON WHEELS, THE GOLDEN CHARIOT, etc., which are like a 5-star Hotel running on the Tracks, but they are not affordable to everyone, they cost like 5 to 8 lacks Rs for a 3 to 8 days trip.

No doubt that they worth every penny you spent but these are not meant for everyone, I mean that there are only a few people who can afford this much money. I doubt that any typical Indian middle-class family will think to book any trip in these Luxurious Trains. If we compare the number of foreign tourists is higher than the natives. So here we can say that these trains are not for us they are luxurious tourist trains which show our culture and diversity to the people who are not aware of it.

Luxury Trains

Luxury Trains

We book a trip on this train for experiencing the royal life which our kings and queens have lived in the past. If you want to experience such royalty and you have such amount of money then please go for it, it will be your lifetime memorable journey,

but if you can’t afford this luxurious trains, then you don’t have to worry because recently Indian Railways has revealed a train which is luxurious and affordable.

Well, this is not new in Indian Railways, earlier they were used to accommodate high-level Officers and officials while traveling in remote areas which are not well connected by Airways, this journey is apparently official. Now Indian Railways has announced to accommodate ordinary people in these extraordinary coaches.

These saloon coaches have two medium sized bedrooms with an attached bathroom, which will surely make you feel like you are traveling in a hotel room.

The most important or fantastic thing about this coach which I like personally is Window trailing. Usually, when you are in your home study room or any other rooms, you sit near the windows and praise the astonishing beauty of nature. Now suppose every second you look out the window you see something new, sometimes rivers, forests, hills, villages, and a new city, how amazing it will be. Well, this coach allows you to experience such thing. You can sit and relax looking outside through the moving windows which will show you diverse geography of our varied India.


Luxury Trains

It will be five days journey in which 6 to 8 passengers can accommodate in a single coach. It means if you’re traveling in a group then only eight people can assist in a single coach.


Luxury Trains

According to IRCTC, the rent for one saloon coach for five days is 2 lacks rupees. It means that you can rent one saloon coach for maximum five days and you have to pay two lacks rupees. In Simple mathematics, if you are eight members then you can divide 2 lacks rupees by 8, which means 25 thousand rupees per person, 25’thousand for five days in a luxury saloon. Well it’s your choice for some it may be costly, and for some, it’s worth traveling in a moving Hotel Room.


Luxury Trains

You can book in advance from Official IRCTC Website where you have to fill the registration form and other formalities. The critical point is you can book this train on any rout in future, but for now, it is currently active on Delhi Katra, Delhi Agra, and Jaipur route.

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