Does 2 Locomotives Equals Double the Speed?

Use 2 Locomotives For Double Speed for Pulling More Weights

Currently, the WAP5 Locomotive is India’s fastest one who pulls Gatimaan Express with a fantastic speed of 160 kilometers per hour. In trials, it has passed 180 kilometers per hour, but it has the potential of reaching 200 kilometers per hour speed.

Gatimaan Express

So is it possible to make multiple units of WAP 5 and make it run at more than 200 kilometers per hour?

In reality, it’s not possible because WAP 5 Top Speed 180 or 200 kilometers per hour and beyond this speed, it’s not stable at all, anything can happen if its try to go beyond 200 kilometers per hour, loco may fail or derail.

So if we couple two WAP 5 at a time top speed will be only 200 kilometers not more than that. Not just two locomotives if we multiple more than 2 locos then also top speed will never change.

Even a single locomotive without any coaches can’t go above its top speed, yes but acceleration will increase for sure due to fewer loads.

Indian Railways

In our Indian Railways two locomotives or multi loco operation is generally used for pulling more weights, we have seen in our freight trains that more than one engine is used for heavy loads, infect our passengers trains which have more coaches hauled by more than two locomotives, but they hardly pulled for speed, main motive is only to provide excellent traction and power.

Yes that’s true if we eliminate coaches then obviously acceleration of that train will increase, but if a locomotive has the top speed of 200 kilometers per hour, then it cant go above that, if its then that locomotive may collapse or fail for sure.

WAP 5 loco

Quality of tracks also matter if tracks are not suitable for 200-kilometer speed then no locomotive can touch that speed.

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