Boom to Debut Cheaper Supersonic Flights Soon

Boom supersonic: Faster, less expensive than Concorde?

Do you ever wish to travel between countries in no time? Well, thanks to the next generation of Supersonic Flights could make traveling between the United States and Asia much easier and faster.

Recently the number of aeronautics startups have revamped the interest of people in supersonic flights, which was kind of dead after Concorde’s epic failure in 2003.

When are we going to see them?

Boom, one of the latest and major players in supersonic aeronautics industry has raised about $85 million via funding from investors and strategic partners. Virgin Atlantic Airways has also come up to support Boom’s project. Support for this startup has also sparked from Asia as well. Last year, Japan Airlines invested $10 million for pre-ordering 20 for their 55-set airliners set to debut in 2023.
Ctrip, China’s biggest travel services provider also gave full support to Boom.

What about the speed?

supersonic flights

According to Boom’s plan, they will start the launch of 1st generation airliners from early next year. They have announced to fly their prototype aircraft, XB-1 in 2019 as a proof. If the tests go as planned, the company will start working on its main mission, that is to build commercial supersonic aircraft which can achieve the speeds up to Mach 2.2 (around 2335 kph) or even double the speed of sound.

Just think about travelling from Los Angeles to Shanghai in just 5 hours, or Sydney to Los Angeles in about 6 and a half hour.

What about the cost?

supersonic flights

Just like the Concorde, Boom’s plans are similar, that is to fly faster than the speed of sound commercially. But that’s just where the similarity between them ends. The first generation of Boom’s aircraft will only have 55 seats as against 128 on the Concorde. Even with lesser than half the seats, the fares would be much affordable than the seats on Concorde. Boom’s aircraft will cost an estimated $5000 for a round trip between New York and London compared to a whopping $20000 per seat on the Concorde.

How was Boom able to manage such lower costs?

supersonic flights

According to Boom’s engineers, such Cheaper fares are achievable because Concorde’s designers didn’t have the technology for Affordable Supersonic Travel, but they do. According to the company, a seat of their airliner will cost same as a conventional business class airliner. The seats would be spacious, but not as feature rich as on a business class aircraft. Seats will have an under seat locker for easy storage.

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