Benefits of Railways Project in Leh

Bilaspur-Manali-Leh Railways Right Now Leh

Railways Project in Leh Right now lakhs people travel to Himalayan Hill stations every year this number will increase substantially after the completion of Bilaspur –Manali-Leh Railways Right now Leh is only accessible by road transport, and that too remains closed for more than six months. Bilaspur-Manali- Leh Railway line will be function every month in the year, so transportation of goods and services in this remote location will not be affected by snowfall. Our soldiers who are working day and night for our safety will get access to all essential goods and services in no time.

Railways Project in Leh

Leh and Ladakh region have some critical base camp for our army, Bilaspur –Manali-Leh Railway line will surely help in maintaining any border dispute with our neighbors.

There are so many advantages of Constructing this Railway line, and I do appreciate our government for this extraordinary plan.

But one thing really makes me worried that like when our earth was new and there not many humans, earth was so clean and everything was so pure, free of pollution but with the growth of population our earth has become impure and every corner of our planet where humans are living has been polluted . in the same way our Himalayan region is so pure and free from pollution due to existence of fewer humans but after the construction of Railway line the part which was not accessible or where fewer humans could now see the tremendous change in population which will for sure increase pollution in this area.

Well, this was my concern, but if people are well aware of it then it’s ok we can move forward and make our India words best and advance place to live.

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