6 Travel Ethics Everyone Must Follow While Travelling

Some Points That You Need to Keep in Mind Before You Go Somewhere

Traveling is fun. It calms your mind and gives you break from your daily hectic schedule.

But sometimes things don’t go so well. And you end up having a bad experience instead of a pleasant one.

But if you follow these simple rules or Travel Ethics, you won’t have to face those unpleasant situations.

Following are some points that you need to keep in mind before you go somewhere.

Always Travel Light 

Always Travel Light

Some people have a very bad habit of carrying multiple suitcases and bags.

This is always a bad practice as first you will have to carry a lot of loads, moreover you create this unnecessary tension to keep a check of your belongings.

It’s always better to just carry 1 backpack consisting of the most necessary things that you need and only a couple of cloth options.

If you do so, you won’t have to worry all the time about your luggage and you will also feel quite comfortable while traveling light.

Plan Your Trip

Although some people like it the other way around, believe me, a planned trip is always a better option unless you belong to a very very rich family and spending unnecessary money isn’t a problem for you.

You should always plan the following things ahead of your trip:

  • Always check the prices and availability of hotels, especially if it is a long weekend.
  • Plan how you will be commuting. If you have a personal vehicle, well and good, but if not, check the prices beforehand as taxi drivers usually rip off tourists in almost all the tourist destinations.
  • Plan your meals as well if that is possible. Believe me, your trip can turn out to be quite an expensive one if you don’t keep a check on what and where are you eating.
  • If you plan to drink, try to carry the liquor with you in case you are going to a remote hilly location.

Carry Hard Cash 

Always and always keep some handy cash with you especially if you are going to a hill station.

As the availability and location of ATM’s are scarce is such areas. Moreover, in such areas, people are still dealing in cash rather than Paytm or ATM machines.

Keep a Small Medkit.

If you are on some specific medication. Always carry those medicines with you.

As those particular medicines might not be available in the area where you will be going.

Apart from that, keep some common medicines like those for fever, cold etc and some painkillers and band-aids.

Use your gadgets wisely 

Chances are that the facility of charging your devices may not be available quite easily.

Therefore use the battery of your phone and other gadgets very wisely.

Keep your devices in the standby mode and use them only when it is absolutely necessary.

Keep more than 1 power banks with you as well.

Personal Vehicle if Possible

Personal Vehicle if Possible

If you know driving, and if you have your own personal vehicle, and if you are traveling to anywhere within 500 km.

Then the best mode of transport is always your own vehicle.

You will have a lot of advantages like:

  • You can stop to relax anywhere you want to.
  • Your travel budget will be totally in your own hand.
  • You can go to any place in your traveling destination where normal public transport won’t go
  • You can spend as much time as you want to wherever you want to.

If you follow these simple steps, every travel experience of yours will be a blissful one instead of a strenuous one.

And remember, wherever you go, do not litter, always keep your surroundings clean, Be a responsible traveler.   

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