DNA takes Entitlement of Youngest Dad from The 13 Years Old Boy

13 Years Old Boy, The Youngest Dad

Usually, there are lots of things to surprise us, in the world. From current affairs, invention, economy to sports, we have countless information to give our face a jaw-dropping expression; we never re-read same news to affirm us “How it happened”, due to constant growth in incidents. When it comes to abnormal accidents to shock, we find ourselves paused in immobile stance. Now I am talking about an unexpected incident which halted life to everyone for a while. Alfie Patten… the 13-year-old boy who was thought to be the youngest dad in the world created a Breaking News to excite the world. It was about 2009 when everyone was eager to know more about this occurrence in Britain.

For 6 weeks, he was considered to ensure that he is the father of a baby girl whose name is Maisie. On the other hand, DNA disapproved that he is not her father biologically. In simple words, Alfie Patten lost his title to become the youngest father in the world. Although being a Dad at that age saddened him, he went happily when he knew there is another to father for Maisie. Also, it is interesting to know that Maisie’s Mother – Chantelle was in relation with Tyler Barker, 15 years of old, before him. Biologically Tyler Barker was the father of her baby.

The Youngest Dad in the World

In a statement, Patten said that it was a shocking news to me. It made me unhappy to become a father at age of 13 years. Yes, I was in relation with Chantelle and says Sorry to have sex at this age. This news had broken me totally. I left my school and other activities a boy of this age does. After DNA approved that Tyler Barker is Dad of Maisie, it was none other a Gift direct from the God to me that gave me my smile back on face.

To make it sure, Tyler confirmed that he was drunk when he had that encounter with Chantelle. As a result, he went father of her baby physically. Alfie Patten had two relationships with girls since then. If it comes to babies even now, then I have no plan to have. In the future, it might go. After all, it took to the whole world in a shocking mode and gave a gossip to everyone to discuss. Whether it is about the medium of news or local conversation, it went successfully to draw huge attention towards it.

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