A Man Was Crushed By a Giant Rock in Pompeii

Archaeologists Say That The Skeleton Had Signs of Some Kind of Bone Infection

Archaeologists Researching Pompeii recently found the remains of a man. He was crushed by a giant rock while getting toasted by hot lava from the volcano. How unfortunate!

Archaeologists Researching Pompeii

Mount Vesuvius that erupted in 79 AD, killed many residents of Pompeii and freezing their corpses in the exact place. Recently, a Skeleton of a Man was found by the archaeologists who had survived the explosion of the volcano. He was running to save his life from the hot lava approaching towards him. The man’s speed was slowed down due to a leg injury and later he was crushed by an enormous rock falling from the sky. The archaeologists say that the skeleton had signs of some kind of bone infection due to which he was not able to run faster.

What Exactly Killed The People of Pompeii?

What Exactly Killed The People of Pompeii

It wasn’t exactly the moving lava that had killed most of the people of Pompeii. Instead, a huge toxic cloud of hot gas and rock fragments called the Pyroclastic Flow had covered the whole city. Pyroclastic Flow killed the majority of the citizens of Pompeii, burying them in ash. Archaeologists now had to reconsider the whole Pompeii research because of this new cloud theory.

What About the Skeleton?

What About the Skeleton

The skeleton of the man was found on the first floor of a building above the layer of stones that were carried by that hot cloud. The man is believed to be in his 30s. Along the small stones, this hot cloud also picked up some giant rocks and hurled it onto the victim, crushing him and probably beheading him on spot. This was concluded because the head was missing from the found skeleton. Archaeologists say that this skeleton was one of the most important findings of this research.

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