Transportation of The Future That Could Soon Be a Reality

3 Transport Technologies We Might See Soon

Always wondered about the future of Transportation? Well, you might have seen many concepts for the future commute, but we all know only some of them can make it to reality. Well here are some Future Transportation Concepts that we might be soon commuting on.

Flying Cars

Flying Cars

Day by day, newer and efficient modes are transportation are rising. One of the most anticipated inventions is Flying cars. With the introduction of flying cars, we might never need to wait for traffic. Companies such as Boeing, Airbus, and Uber are constantly working on developing the technology to make the dream of flying cars a reality.

Uber has partnered with NASA to introduce commercial flying taxis within the next decade. Although we have helicopters, Uber believes that flying cars will be much more sensible and affordable.

Hyperloop Transportation System


Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will just make daily transportation much faster and economical if it soon becomes a reality. Hyperloop will be able to cut down an hour flight to just 30 minutes from one station to another.

Hyperloop operates on a vacuum based system where people will ride inside a pod which runs at 600 mph, which is double the speed of Japan’s Shinkansen Train. For now, the company has built a 500-meter prototype test track in Nevada, US. Currently building such tunnels over hundreds of miles, we will require billions of dollars. Also, Hyperloop must travel in a straight line so that the passengers don’t get sick.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars

Recent advances done by NVIDIA and Google in the computer industry have made Self-Driving Cars much more realizable than ever before. New algorithms easily identify pedestrians, objects, cars, and signals much more accurately. Using cameras and different radars, collecting a lot of data, and using latest processors, these machines are sure to give you a safe ride. There have been many concepts about this tech, but no one currently knows which one is going to be the future.

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