Say Thank for Smart Tech to heal Veterans from their Broken Bodies

Smart Tech to heal Veterans from their Broken Bodies

Say Thank for Smart Tech to heal Veterans from their Broken Bodies Gone were the days when veterans and active-duty service members used to suffer from their broken bodies. At present, an innovative branch of the Veterans Affairs department has shown its mettle to find the right connected tech for disabled veterans and service members. Usually, it is seen militants lived their life with a lot of problems after their bodies got paralyzed on the battlefield. When it comes about this technology, they find their lives to have come back on the track. Now take an example of Retired US Army Col. Phil Swinford whose 28-year military career ended suddenly on July 18, 2015, after a mountain biking accident.

It resulted in an imperfect fissure of his C2 vertebra and quadriplegic paralysis. Today, he says “Thank You” for this the PRC’s in-house assistive technology (AT) department; it helped him to recover from his traumatic injuries. Moreover, he finds himself lucky that he found a solution from the US Department of Veterans Affairs to give Wheel for his immobile life.

Located in a nondescript windowless room within the 22,000-square-foot PRC building, the lab houses everything from DIY smart home products like the Echo, Logitech Harmony, and Lowe’s Iris to demo versions of professional automation systems like Control4. Also, it has a lot of devices intended particularly for the AT community. Thereby it may be said that Technology is great when it works, and not great when it does not work.

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In general, the world of technology has widened its wings successfully everywhere. From business, services, entertainment, education to defense, it has experienced people to live in the 21st century. Importantly if it intends its role in the military, then it has given a new definition of how technology is to boost their power in the world. Here, the US military shows the right significance of technology. Not only is it empowering their defense systems, but it is also helpful in treating its disabled community. So what to discuss more for AT community? Just know its success to having given life to its many disabled veterans and active-duty service members from their broken bodies.

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