Ryzen Pro APUs launched

APUs launched

AMD this week announced its Ryzen Pro Processors in the 2000 series, including APUs for Ryzen Pro. AMD told press partners its Pro series would be binned better than even enthusiast parts. This might indicate that the Ryzen Pro processors may overclock better than their desktop enthusiast counterparts.

Ryzen Pro APUs launched

AMD’s Ryzen 5 Pro 2400G processors will still run 4C/8T configurations at 3.9GHz and is not really any different on paper than the normal 2400G. The same is true for most the other Pro chips, other than guarantees for 18 months of software stability, 2 years of guaranteed product availability, and a 3-year warranty. AMD’s mostly pushing the angle of trying to establish that its CPUs are no harder to deploy than Intel’s in business environments. Other primary differences include security features.

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