What is the WAG-C3 Locomotive

WAG-C3 Locomotive Made in India

WAGC3 Locomotive Train Engine, We Indians have amazing brains, and the new purely Made in India WAG-C3 locomotive has proved this right. It is not new for our Rail engineers. They had started doing this from the beginning when new technologies were introducing in our Railways. We have seen our Rail engineers rebuilding old dumped rail engines into a new powerful locomotive by doing some changes in the previous generations locomotives. Well, they were the only reconstruction or upgrading the power of a particular locomotive. Source of traction remains the same, for example, an old diesel locomotive was rebuild to a new diesel engine, an old electric locomotive is upgraded to a new electric engine, means the source of power remains the same, but this time our Rail engineers have changed a diesel locomotive in purely electric traction. There are many who are confused about the dual power that this particular locomotive has dual traction diesel and electric, but the truth is WAG-C3 is purely an AC electric locomotive.

How was it built?

WAGC3 Locomotive Train Engine WAGC3 Locomotive Train Engine

We all know that, to produce something new we have to mix-up several good things. For example, to build a robust smartphone we mix different technologies like we use the camera from top camera manufacturers, processors from best brands, and we use high-level well-customized software’s. Same thing we have done to build this powerful locomotive. Two locomotives from the electric and diesel line up have been taken to produce WAGC3 one is WDG3A and other is WAM4. They both are Successful locomotives in their respective traction groups. WDG3A is powerful diesel locomotive which was first built in the year 1995. This locomotive was the rebuild of WDM3A which was mixed type locomotive, means used for both goods and passenger services. WDG-A is powerful because the tractive effort of this locomotive is 37.9 t. Whereas WDM3A has the tractive effort of 30.4 t. Now Rail engineers were in need of such electric engine whose outer body shell can be mounted easily on WDG3A and hence WAM4 is chosen. WAM4 was a fantastic electric locomotive which was first built in 1970, and it was the first AC mixed load electric locomotive which was purely designed and made in India. This can also be the main reason why WAM4’s outer shell was used.


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