Snapchat Opposes Remark of its CEO to Say India A Poor Country

Snapchat CEO Say India A Poor Country

What a shocking remark from a former employee of Snapchat for India is a poor country, it has made a Headline to read by the whole world! Yes, it has been successful to have drawn a huge attention of online users as well as the world too, bringing in vision that Indian market is not good for Snapchat. Now let us emphasize how a former employee of Snapchat made a contradiction about the country.

On Monday, Snapchat has disproved the reported claims of a Former Employee who asserted that its CEO Evan Spiegel formed unconstructive comments about the Indian market, stating the multimedia mobile app is for everyone and the company is “thankful” to its Indian users.

Snapchat CEO Say India A Poor Country

“In truth, Snapchat is for everyone. So it is available globally to download for free,” stated by a spokesperson of Snapchat. Moreover, Snapchat is powerfully disallowing allegations by a former employee Anthony Pompliano who asserted in a court case that Spiegel had once brought down his proposal to follow growth in certain global markets.

On the other hand, Pompliano asserts that Spiegel said Snapchat is only for affluent people and that he did not wish to increase into poor countries like India and Spain. These words are written by an annoyed former employee – Anthony Pompliano. Also, Snapshot CEO – Evan Spiegel says that Snapchat is grateful for our Snapchat community in India and all around the world.

Usually, the claims came in the vision last week when documents were made open from a court case by Pompliano against Snapchat’s parent company, Snap. Pompliano was sacked in the year of 2015 after he served only three weeks at the company. Also, Spiegel’s remarks produced an upheaval in India, wherein users have promptly made their mindset to un-install the Snapchat app.

On the other hand, many people reduced and un-installed the mobile application of E-commerce platform Snapdeal in place of Snapchat to score their protest against the unproven comments of Snapchat CEO about the Indian market, in a case of erroneous distinctiveness.

So what to make more discussion for? After a release from CEO of Snapchat – Evan Spiegel has said that India is country wherein this app is being used a lot. Also, he has made a comment on his former employee, saying that we fired him in the years of 2015.

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