Apple Won $539 Million From Samsung

Apple Wins $539 Million in Damages From Samsung in Design Patent

Apple won $539 Million from Samsung in the companies’ final battle over smartphone technology in US Court recently. The patent battle started over 7 years from today.

What were the patents about?

Apple wanted about $1 billion from Samsung on the original verdict in 2012, while Samsung argued to pay only about $28 million.

Judges in the federal court in the US gave their decision only on the damages done. Samsung infringed three of Apple’s design patents namely, (US Patent No. D’087) covered rounded corners, black surrounding rim (US Patent No. D’677) and icon designs (US Patent No. D’305).

Samsung stated after the verdict-“Today’s decision flies in the face of a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in favor of Samsung on the scope of design patent damages,”

Samsung’s Lawyer said that the verdict isn’t supported by any evidence, and they would raise objections to the verdict.
So the question emerged that should Samsung pay the damages based on the sales of its smartphones or just their components which infringed Apple’s patents. From 2010-2011, Samsung had already sold 15.3 million devices which violated Apple’s design patents. Now the calculations became uncertain because of uncertainty in Samsung’s profits made during that period.

Did Apple win $1 billion from Samsung?

The $1 billion verdicts were shortened down in a retrial in 2013 with some adjustments made.
The jury found that both the companies were persuasive when determining what patents were exactly violated.
When Samsung agreed to pay a few of damages done, the case got forwarded to the US Supreme Court in 2016. The trial soon returned to the US District Court awarding Apple the amount of $399 million. Besides that, now Samsung has to pay additional $140 million. Making a total of around $539 million. Now keeping the Four-Factor Flaws in mind, the case might extend for a few more years or so.

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