Tom Cruise Teases Top Gun 2

Top Gun 2 Might Soon Be A Reality

Top Gun, the movie responsible for Tom Cruise’s success might be getting a sequel soon. Top gun was released back in 1986 and people are much awaiting its sequel. This Tom Cruise starter was about a Navy Fighter Pilot, Pete Mitchell called ‘Maverick’ who gets a girl played by Kelly McGillis. Well, the story might not sound very interesting, but the Movie introduced such unforgettable and irresistible lines such as, “I feel the need, the need for speed”. The movie also made names for its classical soundtracks including “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin and “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins.

What Was The Teaser?

What Was The Teaser

Recently Tom Cruise posted a picture on his Instagram teasing what is going to be Top Gun 2. The picture shows Tom as Pete Mitchell looking at his fighter jet, with “Feel The Need” superimposed on the image. And the caption reads #Day1. What can be a greater hint on Top Gun 2 than this?

When Did It All Start?

When Did It All Start

A few years ago, the chief executive officer of the Skydance Production Company had already confirmed that they are working on the sequel to Top Gun. On the same year, Jerry Bruckheimer, the original film’s producer, released a tweet with Tom Cruise with the captions giving teasers on Top Gun 2.

After that, Val Kilmer too shared his excitement for Top Gun 2 on Instagram.

What About the Plot?

What About the Plot
Even after such teasers and official statements, the plot of the movie is still being kept in the abyss. However last year, Director Joseph Kosinski stated in his interview that this sequel won’t be a remake. The story will also be a bit different as in 1986 the war situation was very different. He also stated that the movie will have to adapt to the situations and market demands. After that, he mentioned that he first wanted to remake the movie, but that won’t give the viewers of today’s generation what the original movie gave back then.

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