Top 5 Secrets Celebrities Wont Tell Anyone

5 Celebrity Secrets That Will Probably Surprise And Even Shock You

Celebrities spend most of their time in the Public eye and it often feels like we know absolutely everything about them. From what they eat for breakfast to their exercise routines and favorite workouts. However, celebrities have their secrets too and some of those secrets are so dark that they do anything to keep them hidden.

Here are 5 celebrity secrets that will probably surprise and even shock you. So get ready.

Seat fillers at the Oscars

If you ever fancied the chance to rub shoulders with the stars by attending the Oscars? The truth is that it’s actually possible and much easier than you might think. This is because a large number of people are paid to attend the Oscars just so they can fill the seats and clap at the right time. People who are paid to clap at the Oscars are instructed exactly when to clap and for how long should they clap. This is done to make the Oscars look extra glamorous to the audiences watching it on TV.

Money Laundering

Investing in a Hollywood film is a good way for the members of the Mafia and other groups to launder their money. Many Hollywood films feature dramatically trumped up budgets so that a larger amount of money can be cleaned through investment in the film. Investing in a film is also a good way to avoid paying taxes as this money is not valid of any taxes.

Fake Celebrities Relationship

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We love it when two great celebrities get together especially if they’ve been working closely together in the same film. While the relationships captured on the big screen does sometimes translate into real life. But that is not always the case. Many agencies force celebrities to fake it so they can gain popularity.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Most celebrities dream of getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and it’s no secret that it takes talent to earn a spot. However, most people are probably not aware of the fact that celebrities have to pay for their star. While there are also a number of Hoops they have to jump through. An eligible star has to pay a whopping $30,000 to get their star.

Buying golden globes

Have you ever dreamed about winning a Golden Globe? The good news is that with the right connections and a good amount of cash, you can. Oscar nominations have a lot of bribery involved in them.



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