5 Famous Actors Who Stole Iconic Props From Movie Sets

5 Iconic Props And The On-Screen Characters Who Stole Them

Individuals sit in front of the TV and motion pictures for some, unique reasons. Outstanding amongst other approaches to draw in a group of people is with a conspicuous actor. Indeed, even in those cases, in any case, there are times when it feels difficult to isolate the story and the on-screen actors from the props. Imagine Thor without his hammer or Spider-Man without his costume. These motion pictures would not be the same without the notable props related to them. Fans are not by any means the only ones who begin to look all starry eyed at their most loved characters and the props they utilize. Once in a while, performers turn out to be similarly as appended. Not at all like whatever remains of us, these renowned performers are in prime position to take the props that made them acclaimed.

Here are 5 iconic props and the on-screen characters who stole them.

Chris Hemsworth


Avengers Infinity War has been a hit in the cinematic world, rounding up more than $2 billion in under two months. The third Avengers film unites cast individuals from various Marvel motion pictures, incorporating Chris Hemsworth in the part of Thor. Hemsworth has gone on record as saying that fans who were amazed by the Infinity War cliffhanger will be much more stunned when Avengers 4 is discharged in 2019. While his mystery might possibly work out as intended, Hemsworth has occupied with the stunning conduct of his own. The performing artist has swiped a few of his character’s notable hammers from film sets. As opposed to express regret, Hemsworth noticed that telling the truth openly about his compulsive thief inclinations has made it harder to take extra props in light of the fact that the team is presently watchful for him.

Chris Pratt

Guardians of the Galaxy appeared in 2014 and startlingly overwhelmed crowds and faultfinders. The film acquired about $100 million amid its first week. And outperformed beginning budgetary projections by roughly 20 per cent, and generated a continuation. While giving individuals such a role as Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Vin Diesel are a solid gathering of actors for the film, Pratt’s wardrobe for Peter Quill/Star-Lord is likewise intently connected with the motion picture’s allure. Oscar-winning ensemble architect Alexandra Byrne worked intimately with a few offices to make the Star-Lord’s look that is a section cattle rustler, biker, and demigod. Pratt confessed to taking his character’s coat and a portion of the wardrobe. Keeping in mind that you think him a rapscallion for his rummaging, Pratt claims he took the things so he can visit kids in the healing centre while dressed as the Star-Lord.

Ian McKellen

Lord of the rings brought from the books by J.R.R. Tolkien to life and made almost $3 billion worldwide simultaneously. The epic dream follows the trip of Frodo Baggins and his associates as they try to devastate a malevolence supernatural ring. The arrangement proceeds with the prior voyage of Frodo’s “uncle”, Bilbo Baggins. On the off chance that it was dependent upon Ian McKellen, Bilbo would experience issues getting into his house.McKellen assumed the part of Gandalf the wizard and proceeded with a decades-in length convention of slipping off with props from his films. Notwithstanding Gandalf’s sword, McKellen additionally for all time acquired the keys to Bag End, the home of Bilbo Baggins. McKellen strived to keep it a mystery and keep up his dash of taking from each activity he takes.

Aaron Paul

Numerous view Breaking Bad as extraordinary compared to other TV programs ever. The special introduce includes Walter White (Bryan Cranston). A malignancy ridden math educator making methamphetamine with the previous understudy Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). En route, the combine explores the difficulties of the criminal world and are every so often compelled to dispatch foes who obstruct their objectives. In a realistic scene entitled “Go head to head,” the two fundamental characters connect a bomb to the wheelchair of an old man in a nursing home and really brush the go head to head an adversary they draw to the building.

Andrew Garfield

One of the features of any Spider-Man film is the red-and-dark outfit. The notorious hero outfit has been around for over 50 years. The chief of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made simply such a demand. Marc Webb needed the outfit for his film to be intensely in view of the great Spider-Man ensembles. However, he additionally needed an advanced smoothness to take it over the top. Having chipped away at movies, for example, Avatar, Titanic, and Back to the Future, the activity was in great hands. Scott made a few ensembles for shooting, however one slipped not exactly incidentally under the control of star Andrew Garfield. Garfield mysteriously recommended that it may have discovered a brief new home in either his gear or his auto.

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