Top 5 Men Fashion Trends That Needs to Be Stopped

5 Men Fashion Trends

Gentlemen, let’s talk about the style trends, we’ve been seeing lately. Now first, we were like OKAY, we can kinda end them, but the more we see it, the more it drives us a little inside. So today we are gonna go over 5 men fashion trends that we need to… wait for it. STOP!

Number 1: Big Headphones as an accessory

Big Headphones as an accessory

Alright, if you are into music and you want to listen, or you want to cancel noise, these are just the best. You hear so much, they’re clear, they’re just great. BUT. The problem we have is that many guys are wearing these as more of an accessory as opposed to something functional. In our opinion, if you are using these for working out, we’re sorry you don’t look so great.

Number 2: Rolling your pants, THE WRONG WAY!

Rolling your pants

In our opinion, it looks terrible when you roll up your pants that are too wide, and your ankle is just hanging there. So in our opinion either buy a slim fit pant or do a tight roll. And trust us it looks much better.

Number 3: A mindset of not wearing boots in summer.

mindset of not wearing boots

The third trend in our opinion that needs to stop is the idea of not wearing boots in the summertime. Well, there are certain boots that don’t look amazing in summers, like those insulated boots and whatnot, Don’t wear them, they look terrible. But there are so many incredible boots that look amazing even in summers with your lightweight pants. Like Chukka Boots, they just look amazing with anything.

Number 4: Wearing sneakers with everything.

Wearing sneakers with everything

Well, gentlemen, this needs to stop, right now. Well, there are times and places for wearing sneakers, there are times and places for wearing boots etc. But apparently, some guys think that it is totally acceptable to rock sneakers. WRONG! STOP!. We know sneakers are amazing, but wearing it with everything and anything is a bad idea.

Number 5: Casual Shorts with formal shoe Men Fashion Trends.

Casual Shorts with formal shoes

Like what! Casual shorts with formal shoes is as terrible as the person who made it a trend. Trust us if you see a dude in the magazine wearing this combo, just Don’t.

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