Top 5 Brands That Are Overrated And Overpriced

Overrated And Overpriced Brands

First of all, before you read this post, we have 2 main disclaimers.
1. Nothing in this post is fact, everything is based on our opinion.
2. We reserve to change our opinion in the future.

So today we’re gonna be talking about 5 brands that are so ridiculously overrated and the prices, just forget about them.

Number 1: TOPMAN

The problem we have with TOPMAN and the reason we think it’s personally overpriced and overrated is that it is the exact same quality as the clothes you’re gonna find in H&M and Forever 21.

Number 2: Rag-And-Bone New York

Like seriously? $250 for a plain henley! For a cotton? REALLY? Now you probably might not have heard of this brand but the pricing is totally ridiculous. They make some of the ugliest and plain looking henleys for such a ridiculous price.

Number 3: Supreme

We know you saw this one coming from miles away right? Well’ if you wanna spend your hard earned money on a big red ugly SUPREME logo on your shirt or jacket, this is the brand to go for. Personally speaking these SUPREME branded clothes are just plain and boring.

Number 4: Hublot

Well, this one’s very popular and overrated watch brand you all might have heard of. And the prices are a just total buzzer.
There is this one model that they made called the Big Bang and everybody was like OMG THE BIG BANG. Honestly, it looks like a Diesel watch that costs thousands and thousands.
Trust us Hublot makes the ugliest watches now and they’re not even like precious metal. They’re made out of plastic.

Number 5: Hugo Boss

Alright, $70 for a plain stretch V-neck. Seriously? Like what makes it any different from a $10 GAP V-neck? If you like wasting money on a plain v-neck probably Hugo Boss is gonna be your choice.

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