5 Trends in Men’s Styling That Needs to Be Stopped

Men’s Styling That Needs to Be Stopped

Trends in men’s style come, go and some of them should never have been but the fact that a trend gets popular because everybody’s wearing it, everybody’s buying it everybody is rocking it. A few dudes do it and then about three years later we look back at pictures of ourselves and think what the was I thinking my stylish eyeballs cant wait three years and so today id like to go over Five Popular Men’s Style Trend that Needs to Stop.

This is my opinion no big deal no harm no foul and apparently, I’m in the minority because of how many people are actually doing and wearing these five things. If you would tell me that you could screw up the most amazingly perfect pair of shades in the history of sunglasses, the Clubmaster, I would have to say no way you’re crazy how could you possibly have messed it up so easily.

Number 1: Flat lens Sunglasses

Flat lens Sunglasses

Flat lenses on sunglasses look terrible, but it’s not just club masters they’re putting these flat lenses on, it looks terrible on everything and for those of you rocking those I’m t minus like three seconds until they’re unstylish and going out.

Number 2: Adidas Yeezy’s

Adidas Yeezy

We’re sorry Yeezys but we just don’t think the way. Okay so here’s the thing is that they look like they need more structure, They look like moon boots and just kind of like they look like you’re wearing potatoes in terms of aesthetic sneakers. There are so many incredible options out there but these just look bad in my opinion. Speaking of my opinion I think its time to talk about number 3.

Number 3: Raw Denim

Raw Denims

Why are people still obsessed with wearing stinky jeans when you can buy so many incredibly pre-washed and pre worn-in jeans. This is the question I ask myself when I smell somebody walk by who’s into raw denim because if you don’t know raw denim the premise is you buy denim they’ve never been washed they’re super dark you wear them and then you wear them for six months to a year and you never wash them. When your family does, they’re broken in there, distressed naturally custom to you, unfortunately, they stink like you can put them in the freezer but the fact is if you ‘ve got to put your jeans in the freezer to kill the bacteria that is thinking that is nasty.

Number 4: Smartwatches


Here’s the deal I have been asked on numerous occasions out but whats your opinion on smartwatches. I understand that its cool right if I was like 12 years old and I had some little like computer on my wrist id be thinking I was the badest dude in town. But I’m not 12 I’m old and this old man personally thinks that smartwatches are not his taste. Talking about functionality, if you’re into running and you need to use the GPS or get details of your heart rate, that’s supercooled. We get the idea of wanting to have like your emails and stuff on your wrist.

But everybody’s still got their phone. Personally, I would recommend using a decent watch which looks good aesthetically. Because watches are meant for looking at the time, not your boring emails.

Number 5: Destroyed Jeans

Destroyed Jeans

The fifth item that we personally feel needs to stop being worn are destroyed jeans. Not like mildly distressed or even medium distressing, I’m talking destruction. So tacky that make you look cheap in my opinion. And that gentleman was my list of giving Popular Trends That Sucks.

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