4 Physical Traits That Kill Your Confidence

How You Can Flip Them Around in Order to Boost Your Confidence

You need to understand that no one is born with limitless self-confidence. And if you meet someone with that level of confidence, its either they have worked overtime on their physical traits, or they were just born with the right genes. But in that same way that some working towards building their confidence, some are completely destroying it by not working on their weaknesses.

Today we are going to talk exactly about those physical traits that you don’t like, and how you can flip them around in order to boost your confidence.

Being Overly Skinny

Some people think that only the overweight people have it bad, but trust us many of the overly skinny people have the same kind of issues too. So if you’re a guy that also feels insecure about being overly skinny, the first step is to take action. Buy a gym membership, start lifting weight and trust us your results will be almost instant and your confidence with just blow the roof.

Short Height

One of the biggest confidence killer in men is being short. Well, this one trait in the list is probably the only one you can’t actually change. And that is completely fine. Sure people think that if you hit that magical 6-foot number you’re instantly more attractive. But the reality is there are guys out there who are shorter than that and are just as successful in life and women find them just as handsome. The main point here is you need to identify your body shape and dress accordingly. When you do that you maximise your potential to a point where your height won’t actually matter.

Hair loss

You see men are just stallions, and our hair is just everything. Once that starts fading, so does our confidence. And the interesting thing is that 1 in 3 men start to experience some form of hair loss at the age of 30. Which means you need to start protecting your hair right now before its too late. So if you’re young now, make sure you take care of your hair. Nourish it, don’t damage it by overheating it or constantly pulling it. Try out different hair products that work for slowing down your hair loss so that you can keep them for longer.


One of the most critical traits that instantly kills men’s confidence is acne. Yes, agree with it almost 90% of you suffered from acne during their puberty days. This is probably one of the easiest physical traits that you can change by taking proper care of your face and using the right product. Go to the market buy some new face products try them out and find the best one for your face.


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