4 Reasons Why Video Games Are Good For You

Video Games Improve Hand To Eye Coordination

Who doesn’t love video games?

The first video game was released in 1972.

Since the video games have changed drastically.

The video game industry is so big now, that it has surpassed Hollywood.

Today we’ll see why video games are so good.

They Are Fun to Play 

They Are Fun to Play

There is no doubt about this. The reason for such a huge popularity of Video Games is that they are so much fun to play.

And there is just so much of variety.

You can choose from FPS Games, RPG games, Sports Games, or if you are a casual gamer you can simply go for mobile games. There is a market for everyone out there.

With so much choice, it can be your perfect weekend hangout activity.

Video Games Can Teach You Stuff

Not only you get a load of fun by playing it, video games teach a lot of stuff.

Who among us hasn’t played Need for Speed Underground 2? I remember how that game taught me so much about car parts.

Similarly, there are games like Assassin’s Creed franchise, war games that give you a visual and interactive way of learning about the history. Isn’t that the best way.

Video Games Improve Concentration

Video Games

Video games can be very challenging at times. There is need to pay attention to the screen at all times.

It is proved scientifically, that video games help to improve focus and concentration.

It is a great activity to exercise your brain. But only if played in moderation as anything in excess has negative consequences.

Video Games Improve Hand To Eye Coordination

It has been proved scientifically that people who play video games are better at driving motor vehicles.

The reason behind this is the fact that video games improve your hand to eye coordination.

It happens because you have to react very swiftly using your controller without looking at it.

You are looking at a screen and have reacted in seconds by pressing the right button on your controller.

So, next time if someone says that videos games are for lazy, tell them these benefits of gaming and keep enjoying playing.

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