Top 5 Places to Munch a Pizza in New York City

Top 5 Delicious Pizza Shops in New York

Pizza is loved by billions of people around the world. But there is something special about the pizzerias of New York. Yes, the pizzas in America started here. It all started in 1905 as Lombardi’s became the first ever pizzeria in the US. Most of Lombardi’s retired employee’s further went on to create some of the finest American pizza shops we know today.

Tourists visiting New York these days might have a bit of trouble choosing between a good pizzeria among the many that have opened since. We have compiled a list of Top 5 delicious pizza shops in New York that you definitely need to visit.


America’s beloved Totonno’s is one of New York’s oldest pizza shops. The owner previously worked at Lombardi’s before opening his own shop in 1924, and his business has since been through a lot of ups and down. But despite all that, Totonno’s stands strong today. They make one of the city’s best Margherita pies with a thin, charred crust, a sweet but not-too-sweet tomato sauce, and slices of melty, fresh mozzarella. Umm Yummy.

Joe’s Pizza

Joe’s Pizza in New York is the go-to late night munching shop. The lightning-fast serving is just unbeatable. Located on a very touristy and busy place, it’s very hard to find a slice that can beat Joe’s.


Well, Mario’s is a special one. Mario Migliucci, the owner of the place calls it a “family-friendly” pizzeria. Actually, he doesn’t consider it as a pizza place instead, he considers it a classic red sauce Italian restaurant. You won’t even find a pizza listed on the menu unless you order it secretly. One of the best chewy crust with the right amount of cheese and sauces, you would just fall in love with it..


Sam’s is one of the New York’s classics. The shop still looks old school, filled with red checkered tablecloths. Sam’s menu is fairly simple as compared to other pizzerias in NYC. They make delicious and crispy coal-fired pizzas. It was started by Louis, son of Mario Migliaccio.

Di Fara

An old-school pizzeria started by Dom DeMarco in 1964 is a feast. Till this day he makes nearly every pizza by his own hands. He mainly uses imported ingredients and very simple sauces which gives his pizzas the old unique taste we all love.



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